Demo: Day 1 

Shortly after we moved in I went to Wisconsin for my friends Bachelorette party and Steve had his Dad and some friends over to come help the renovations.  We have a living room/dining room combination in the front of the house and we were going to start there. Here was the plan:

1. Rip out laminate floors 

2. Install hardwood floors (side note: the day after we moved in Steve picked up the solid hardwood floors for the whole house, three truckloads and 5000 pounds of wood, all in one of our guest bedrooms)

3. Install baseboards

4. Move on to next room 

We found some very 1950s Terrazo tile in the foyer (fun fact: the crystal parts glow when you shine a light on them) as well as termite damage behind the baseboards along the west wall of the house.  We hadn’t been informed of any history of termites or termite damage so we were surprised and started further investigation.

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