Debris removal

So something we should have known beforehand but didn’t really think about is what we were going to do with all the dirt from the trench.  There was so much!  And we also had all the chunks of concrete from the driveway. 

Given the sheer amount of debris and the limited number of people who will take it, we hired someone (and paid way more than I thought something like this would cost) to take it all away.

They brought a bobcat:

And here’s the finished product; we have some yard back!

Detour insideĀ 

 The later part of December we didn’t do a ton of work on the house, we were kept busy with family and Christmas activities. We also had some uninvited guests in our house over Christmas.  We traveled to Wisconsin for the holiday and our dogs stayed at a boarding place so the house was empty and some rats decided to come stay. Coming home to the mess from rats was not fun and we didn’t want to have them again. This is our second (and hopefully last) rat infestation and so we decided to seal the house to help keep them out by installing some subfloor!

Now that we know the trench works (even though it’s not done yet) we moved back inside to put down subfloor in the living room and dining room so we don’t get more rats. This part of the job actually went really smoothly in the midst of all the trench complications.

Here are some pictures: oh, and we insulated all of the HVAC ducts as well, that’s the shiny pipe in the crawl space.