Our Foundation 

So here’s a little more detail on our foundation. I never thought I would know so much about foundations! Our house is pier and beam and now that we can see all of the foundation I understand how it all goes together. The concrete piers go deep into the ground and are connected by thick wooden beams. There is also a concrete perimeter beam around the outside of the house. The wooded floor joists go on top of the beams to support the subfloor.
Here’s our foundation: 

Yep, that’s what was holding up our dining room floor. Scary 

A Detour

So while we were planning our next move on the inside we turned our attention to the outside.  Steve and his Dad removed all the landscaping from the ground up (aka roots still in) in one weekend which was awesome. We didn’t like the landscaping anyways so it was a good way to feel productive in the wait.  We also got a termite inspector to come and learned that the termite infestation was about 15 years ago and there were no active termites!  We did, however, learn that the termites probably came because of poor drainage and a planter box built onto the front wall of the house.
Since the landscaping was conveniently removed, we got to work removing the planter bed and digging up the roots.

Also, during a rainstorm, we got an confirmation of our drainage issues… We found flooding in the garage and lakes in the backyard and decided we needed a drainage solution.