What we bought 

We are continuing to work on the foundation and troubleshooting along the way. (See previous post for details.) I am going to take a brief detour into the fun part of home renovation, namely putting new things in.

Here are our new floors, the light colored ones are the new ones.

And as you can see we bought a lot of them, enough to cover our whole 1700 square foot house.  We put a lot of thought into this plan and are really happy with what we picked out.  We wanted solid hardwood throughout but we also wanted to live in the house during the renovation so sanding and sealing after installation would be challenging. We discovered pre-stained solid hardwoods and it was the perfect combination.  They come pre-stained and sealed so no need to empty your house but otherwise have all the functionality of solid hardwoods.

We also decided we wanted light colored floors.  Dark floors are popular right now but we have a small house with great natural light so wanted to keep things light and bright so went with natural light floors.  I don’t like the yellow undertones of oak as much so we went with ash for a more true blond look. And as a bonus it’s a harder wood than oak so more durable!
We also bought new appliances, they are all the same line for Steve, GE Cafe.  And the fridge has both a hot and cold water dispenser in addition to the ice maker.  I am so excited for when we can use them! 

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