Our New Addition 

So, when your house is a tornado it’s the perfect time to add more chaos. So we decided to get a new dog. We thought it would make me feel better about things not going the way I had hoped and would give Savannah someone to play with and make her happier. We decided on a young dog, hopefully 1-2 years old so we would be past the hourly bathroom breaks (we both have full time jobs) but hopefully without too many bad habits.
Steve wanted another boxer or something similar, I wanted a dog from a rescue or shelter. There is no way we would pass a rescue home study with our construction zone, so started watching the shelters for a dog that met our criteria and we found him!
Here’s Tucker!

He is probably about a year old, maybe less, and he has tons of energy. We have a LOT of training ahead of us but at least the nice things in our house are safely packed away! No better time to train a puppy! Now,  back to reading the training books…

(He loves the car, always ready for an adventure!)

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