A new kind of crossfit 

So we have been working on the foundation for a while and have had a couple of big rainstorms. Because the foundation is all open we have a great view of the crawl space and it floods with any heavy rain. 

Because we didn’t want our new foundation to get damaged we decided to take a detour and put in a drainage system. We also figured out  that the flooding in the garage was because of our extra driveway. I don’t have great pictures but we have a two car garage with a standard driveway and then a third section of driveway to the side that goes next to the garage as well. Having the cement right next to the garage was funneling water into the garage with rain.

So our outside project begins with jack hammering up the third driveway. It was hard work! The jackhammer is heavy and we all had bruises by the end. Also, the French drain needed to go through where the cement was so my friend Charlotte and I were following behind the jackhammer and tossing chunks of concrete into a pile. It was basically cross fit. 

Here are some pictures: 

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